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Do you keep attracting the wrong kind of partner? We can help you break the cycle and gain confidence! Do you struggle with deciding whether to SAVE or LEAVE your current relationship? We can help you set and reach healthy relationship goals! We can help you mend the wounds that are holding you back, and

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It seems our local and national headlines are plagued with horrific stories of graphic sexual violence, often with the victims becoming younger and younger. Many wonder what we can do to protect our children from becoming victims, and for those who have been afflicted, they have questions on how to work towards recovery and what

Jamie Kopp Quoted

Jamie Kopp was quoted in a June 2013 article on with her views on marriage, divorce, and getting children involved when the legislature for “Lifetime Alimony in Florida” was being addressed. The bill proposed a change in child visitation and rights, which concerned Jamie as a marriage / divorce counselor and child therapist. In