What Can We Do

It seems our local and national headlines are plagued with horrific stories of graphic sexual violence, often with the victims becoming younger and younger. Many wonder what we can do to protect our children from becoming victims, and for those who have been afflicted, they have questions on how to work towards recovery and what results and timeline can one expect for healing? Victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or molestation whether in childhood or as an adult can find it difficult to regain control of their lives, and can lose the ability to develop intimacy and maintain healthy relationships. Early intervention and treatment is the best chance for recovery. These victims need special attention and support. Many have feelings of isolation, fear, and may struggle with lifelong issues if they do not receive proper treatment. In some cases, especially victims under 18, their development can seize at the age in which the victim experienced the attack. This may be prevented by getting help as soon as the trauma is discovered.

Licensed mental health professionals, especially those who have experience with these types of cases may help a victim recover faster and with a higher success rate than those who do not seek treatment. They can develop a specialized plan, set individual goals, and work through the most challenging aspects of overcoming the trauma.

You don´t have to be a victim any longer! Claim your victory instead! Find a counselor that you can open up to and find your healing, starting now! Even if you´ve started before and never completed treatment, or if you feel you need additional counseling, it is never too late, and you are worth it!